Monday, 23 April 2012

Guest Post - Organic Makeup is Fabulous

When I was contacted about the following guest post I didn't hesitate in agreeing to publish it. This is a very important subject which everyone needs to be aware of and one which is also very dear to my heart.

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Mesothelioma cancer is a horrible thing for any woman to be diagnosed with. When her doctor informs her that she has this terrible disease, several things will happen. She will feel confused, lost, angry, depressed, upset and many other emotions that cover the entire spectrum of feelings that a person can experience. This is a very quick way for a woman to lose her confidence. She may feel powerless almost instantly, knowing that she is completely at the hands of her mesothelioma doctors when it comes to fighting her cancer.

When a woman begins her treatment for cancer, she may feel these emotions come on strong, yet again. This is not a bad thing; being emotional means that a woman is dealing with her pain and learning to live with her disease. Her anger will help her to fight her cancer. However, the feeling of being powerless and having no confidence is going to make her road to recovery a much longer journey. The quality of life that a person has when undergoing treatment for cancer is directly related to how well she responds to her treatments and how well she feels. Feeling powerless and less than beautiful is not going to help to improve the quality of her life, which is not good.

Fortunately, there is a way that a woman with cancer can feel more powerful and beautiful despite her cancer diagnosis. This is through fashion and beauty. It is no secret that fashion and beauty play a big role in the way women feel about themselves, which is why retail therapy is always such good therapy for a woman after a long, hard day. The same holds true for women with cancer. Feeling beautiful will make her feel more confident and more powerful, which is good for her treatment program.

Makeup is a great way for women to up their confidence level, especially organic makeup. Not only is it free of harsh chemicals and additives, it is good for the environment and for her skin. Organic makeup, such as Bare Minerals, is a great way for women to feel beautiful and do something healthy at the same time. This is makeup that looks natural but still covers what women perceive are their flaws. It is light and it stays on, even when a woman is involved in an activity such as swimming or lounging in the sauna or hot tub.

When it comes to beauty and fashion, makeup is the best way to turn a woman’s mood around in an instant. She will feel more gorgeous, more spectacular and more beautiful if she has great makeup and going organic with her makeup will only make her more fabulous.

Jackie Clark


  1. Thanks for publishing this serious article about organic makeup. Makeup make women beautiful but often it has bad effect which can turn into different types of diseases.
    I have been learning many makeup tips from a Makeup school, there I also learning how we can avoid these serious problems from using makeup.

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  3. Today with more and more people becoming health-centric, cosmetic companies are following suit and are now discontinuing the use of the traditional way of manufacturing cosmetics which makes use of a lot of chemical based ingredients.