Monday, 10 October 2011

My First Review


Welcome to my very first review.

I have made a couple of purchases over the last few days which I will also be reviewing. One of the purchases being the highly praised Urban Decay Naked Palette - the palette had been sold out and recently came back into stock.
I really wanted to see what all the fuss was about as I have never been a fan of Urban Decay and this palette is my first purchase from them
The palette itself is quite striking and has a lovely velvety feel to the box and also comes with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion and eyeshadow brush.

There are 12 gorgeous colours in the palette , all with fantastic names:-
Virgin - Pearly cream
Sin - Pale pearly pink
Naked - Beigy taupe
Sidecar - Sparkly darker beige
Buck - Toffee colour
Half Baked - Goldy bronze
Smog - Bronzy, brown
Darkhorse - Grey, Brown
Toasted - Pinky, brown
Hustle - A lighter grey, brown
Creep - Sparkly dark grey
Gunmetal - Sparkly grey/blue
Colours shown from left to right - virgin,sin,naked,sidecar,buck,half baked, smog, darkhorse,toasted,hustle,creep and gun metal.
I am very impressed with the range of colours in the palette and the pigments are just fantastic - on my first application I applied the primer potion all over my eyelid and then applied Virgin all over. I applied sin all over my lower lid and used sidecar over the crease. I used dark horse to line my lower lashes. The shadows were a joy to apply , they feel so soft and creamy and this is actually the first time I have visited the ladies at lunch time and not had to re-apply my eyeshadow. What on earth was I using before !?!
I love this palette and hope that this is a permanent fixture in the Urban Decay line - the colours are wearable, its not one of these palettes where you find that there are one or two colours you could give a wide berth to.

Where have you been all my life Urban Decay ?
I would highly recommend this palette to anyone who asks - this is definately worth parting with £35. A staple for every girls make up arsenal !

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Why Lipstick Fridays ?


Welcome to my blog - Lipstick Fridays and thanks for stopping by.

Why Lipstick Fridays you may ask?

Well what girl doesnt love lipstick or Fridays ?
In my humble opinion Friday is simply the best day of the week - no work the next day !
Friday signals the start of a weekend and I dont think there is much that is more enjoyable
than Friday night cocktails with friends.

I have always wanted to work in the beauty industry as far back as I can remember but circumstances dictated that I would not take that path till my thirties. Which proves you are never too old to seize the day and be what ever you want to be. Beauty, make up, looking and feeling good have been an enduring passion throughout my life and I am now a fully qualified beauty therapist.
Im forever watching make up tutorials, haul videos and reading beauty blogs and I decided that I too want to share my love for all things beauty with the world - We all have the right to look and feel good without it breaking the bank !
In my blog I will review make-up, skincare, beauty and hair products from all price ranges - all the products I review are purchased from my own pocket, I am not sponsored by any brands and I will give you an honest opinion on what I think of them.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I look forward to becoming friends x x