Friday, 25 November 2011

Jigsaw Shoe Boots

So this is primarily a blog about make up and beauty stuff  but I thought hey what the heck - my Jigsaw shoe boots arrived a couple of days ago and I felt the need to share them with someone, my husband really doesnt appreciate what a good shoe can do for a girl.
Anyway these were £79 reduced from £149 I think - yes it is still expensive but to be honest I dont buy clothes and shoes all that often so they were a treat !
They are sky scraper high but oh they are so pretty xx

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Mac Haul

I seem to have gone mental for Mac !!
I really have to build up my Mac collection - but I think I went a bit mad with the Glitter and Ice collection.
Ive tried to do some swatches but the light isnt that great today so I'll try again tomorrow.
Here is everything I got:-
3 Dazzleglass Lipglosses in Glitter and Ice,Dressed to Dazzle and Spanking Rich - dont like the Dazzleglass as much as the Lipglass - I find it a bit stickier !
1 Nail Varnish Dazzlesphere containing Style Tip, Mistletoe, Much Adored and Dark Angel
3 Paint Pots - Lets Skate, Morning Frost, For Effect
1 Mineralize Eye Shadow in Winterized
Make It Perfect brush kit
3 Nail Lacquers in Festive Finery, Get Noticed and Unconditionally Fabulous
1 Beauty Powder in Snow Globe
Here is a picture of everything I bought - swatches and proper review to follow

Sorry about the picture - my camera seems to have cut the bottom off !!

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Please read - A message to everyone


Tomorrow is black Friday - it is the biggest shopping day of the year.
To celebrate this day Sigma make up are offering free worldwide shipping.
Get your brushes here:-

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby - aaaahhhhhh !

Hi Lovelies

Thank you to the Selfridges delivery man - I just received my Mac Mineralize eyeshadow in Smoked Ruby. Can I just say that if you havent ordered anything from Selfridges before and are thinking about doing so now then expect your delivery in a bright yellow jiffy bag with lovely Christmas paper and a little happy Christmas sticker - Is it really that time already?
This is gorgeous, tts a lovely blackened red colour and it just looks stunning.
The pigmentation in the Mac Eyeshadow is amazeballs ! ! I cant wait to try it out maybe for a nice Christmas night out . As you will see by my previous post I havent been into Mac before but I am quickly becoming addicted.
Anyway here is a sneaky peek of Smoked Ruby in all its glory.

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Pretty Pewter

Mmmmh - Does anyone else think this seems to be turning into a blog about nail polish ??
Well I got a little present last night and felt the need to wear it today - Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous - a pretty pewter colour with a hint a glitter. I feel like it looks like a starry night.
First coat goes on pretty thin and second coat was a bit patchy so I applied a third coat which made all the difference. I love OPI polishes and I love the wider brush - it suits my larger fingernails !

Any way here it is ..

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas on your fingers

Hi everyone

I managed to get my hands on a bottle of the limited addition Chanel Rouge Carat. Im an avid online shopper, it beats trudging through the streets in this horrible winter weather . Unfortunately all my usual haunts seemed to have sold out but thanks to Harrods online I managed to get my grubby little paws on a bottle and here it is in all its lovely glory.

I feel like Im wearing Christmas on my fingers !

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Weekend Nails

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Well another weekend seems to have flown by ! Where does the time go ? I swear the clocks seem to go on over drive the minute Saturday arrives.
There was still enough time to paint my nails though !
I was wearing Facets of Fushcia by Revlon, Im still not totally sold on the consistency and application of Revlon polishes but I love the colours. Maybe its just me but they always seem to go a bit streaky when Im putting it on.
This one definately needed two coats to get the brilliant effect of the fushia glitter which seems to be suspended in the black polish.I love the effect so much Im willing to over look the application !

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Pretty Revlon Nails

Hey everyone

Today I decided to go for a twist on the french manicure.
For my all over cover I went for Sheer Mauve and I used Lilac Pastelle as the french tip and accent nail.
I dont know if its because I seem to have big nails but the Revlon brush feels a bit small for me - I dont think this would put me off buying any other colours from Revlon but I dont feel that the Lilac Pastelle went on all that great - just didnt seem to glide on as easily as some of the other polishes I have. Not sure it really shows up in the picture though.

Aside from the Lilac being a bit patchy I think the overall effect is rather pretty.

With love
Lipstick Fridays

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Chanel Peridot


Just a quick post - Im in Love with Chanel.

I was lucky enough to pick up one the three fall nail polishes from Chanel in Peridot. I think I may do an ebay hunt to find they other two colours as they seem to be sold out in stores.Maybe its my way of owning a little luxury as I cant afford expensive shoes, handbags or clothes - maybe thats because I spend all my money on beauty products ?! Ha x
I dont go out of my way to purchase Chanel as they are a very indulgent treat - I tend to get the limited editions if I can get my hands on them before they seem to fly off the shelves.
Anyway Peridot seems to be three colours in one. In some lights it looks gold, in some lights it looks bronze but as I type at the keyboard now it looks like a goldy limey green ! Really hard to get a decent picture of it but as you can see from the picture below its coming out bronze.
The colour goes on easily and dries quickly but I do find that Chanel polish seems to chip quite quickly or is that just me ?! I do however feel like my fingers have been dipped in gold - lovely x

If I manage to track down the other fall colours I will post these as swatches for you.

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Mac Haul & Review

On a recent shopping trip I decided to invest in some new make up.
I was browsing round the make up counters and over the crowded store I seen it in the distance ....Mac. I made my way over and was virtually hypnotised by the overly helpful sales girl - do these guys work on commission ? I swear I would have bankrupted myself had I not come to my senses before reaching for my wallet !
This is the first time I have purchased any Mac make up - why was I hesitant to purchase from them before ? Im not sure - its not that I havent used expensive make up in the past - but surprisingly I found that although Mac is a little more pricey than the high street brands its not so expensive that you feel that you cant afford it. This little experiment was to see if it would be worth investing in a Mac Pro card - I am a budding make up artist and have been justifying my cosmetic splurges over the last few months by telling myself I was "testing" out the products to use in my kit ?!
Dont believe me ?!
No neither do I - turns out I love these so much I dont think I can part with them !
Anyway here is my haul:-

1 paint pot in Painterly, 3 fluid liners in Avenue, Dark Diversion & Dark Envy, 1 mineralize skin finish in Semi Precious Rose Quartz, 1 cream colour base in Hush, 2 Lipsticks in Secret Lover and Creme D'Nude and 1 packet of cleansing wipes.

Painterly Paint Pot -  a gorgeous nude beige
The thing that impressed me most about the paint pot is it is really highly pigmented. Painterly goes on like a cream highshadow but doesnt crease and end up half way down your face like other cream shadows Ive tried. I used Painterly as a base to create different looks and it helped my make up stay put - I didnt have to retouch my make up once all day !! It is also great just to use all over the eye area then you could just line your eyes with your fluidline or any other liner. I will definately be purchasing these in different colours.

Fluid lines in Dark Envy decribed as a blackened green , Dark Diverson described as a darkened plum and Avenue which is decribed as charcoal black with gold pearl although I think it looks more brown with gold pearl.

Easy to apply and longwearing and smudge proof - I use a Sigma E65 brush to apply a line along my top lashes - really like the pigments in the fluidlines and they are really easy to apply , you can also use them to tightline and along your own fluidline different looks.

Cream Colour Base In Hush and Mineralize skin finish in Semi Precious Rose Quartz

The cream colour base is fragrance free and you can use it on bare skin or over foundation, moisturizer or powder and it can be applied with your fingers, sponge or brush and you can change the effect you get with the way you apply it. I am not as impressed with the cream colour base as I am with the mineralize skin finish - I am glad that I managed to get this as it was a limited edition. You can use it to highlight or all over for a nice sheen.

Secret Lover Nude Beige & Creme d' Nude Pale muted peach beige

I tried to swatch these but they are really pale so didnt really come up - the thing I like most about these lipsticks are the lovely vanilla smell they seem to have  - I think they would suit any skin tone, these are so creamy and smooth when you apply them and they arent sticky which is a pet hate I have with lipsticks and lipglosses. This seemed to last a while but I love lippy which smells good so I feel like I always end up applying it more than I need to !

The final part of my haul was the mac wipes - love these !
These remove make up really easily and you can also use them to correct any make up mistakes. They have a nice fresh smell and it says on the website they are infused with vitamin E which will hydrate and nourish.

I am really impressed with all my purchases - except maybe the cream colour base. I might need to keep persisting with this one to get the kind of look Im aiming for. My haul has got me addicted - I think every girl should have a few Mac staples in her make up kit.

Whats you favourites ?
Let me know x x x

With Love
Lipstick Fridays

Friday, 4 November 2011

Feeding my addiction - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Its Friday - woo hoo xx

Over the past year I have become addicted to nail polish !! I cant get enough of it !!
It doesnt matter what brand or colour there is just something about those cute little bottles that I cant get enough of ! Ebay helps to feed my addiction - clicking on the buy now button and winning my chosen item makes me feel .... well it makes me feel good !
Anyway on to the subject at hand - nail polish....
Today I received my ebay bargains in the post - I purchased five out of the 36 available Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes:-

340 - Black Platinum, 370 - Commander In Chic, 450 - Fairy Teal, 250 - Mudslide & 510 - I Pink I Can

Black Platinum - 3 coats

Commander In Chic - 2 coats

Fairy Teal - 2 coats

Mudslide - 2 coats

I Pink I Can - 2 coats

My favourites out of the five are the Black Platinum and Mudslide which is a gourgous toffee nudey colour and the Commander In Chic - Chanel Particuliere anyone ? x

I stumbled upon these nail polishes accidently after watching a you tube blog recommending the Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes and thought Id give these a go as the website claims they are a base coat, top coat, strengthening and growth treatment and salon-inspired colour all in one!
I have to say Im gobsmacked at how well these nail polishes glide on - they have a wide, flat brush which helps you apply the polish easily - and to be honest cutting out the time it takes to apply a base coat and a top coat are you not out buying them already ??

The consistency of the polish itself is quite thin however not so thin that it is runny or difficult to apply and Im really impressed with the pigment in the five colours which I purchased, my only criticism ? Some colours - the more pearlised ones like the Black Platinum  -  may need three coats instead of two.
The fact you dont need to use base coat and top coat cuts your painting time down - I even managed to paint both hands with two coats in just over five minutes !
As easy as they are to apply then are even easier to get off - how many times have I found myself using ten bits of cotton wool and a whole bottle of nail polish remover to get the polish of one hand ! Well Ive lost count to be honest but even the black polish came off easily which I was really surprised about.
Drying time is a few minutes and my polish lasted a few days before starting to chip - the website claims your manicure will last up to ten days but to be honest I dont take care of my manicures like I should so I havent managed to achieve the ten days yet - I will be putting this to the test over the next few months however.
Overall I am really impressed with the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure polishes - they are every thing they claim to be and a little more x