Friday, 4 November 2011

Feeding my addiction - Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

Its Friday - woo hoo xx

Over the past year I have become addicted to nail polish !! I cant get enough of it !!
It doesnt matter what brand or colour there is just something about those cute little bottles that I cant get enough of ! Ebay helps to feed my addiction - clicking on the buy now button and winning my chosen item makes me feel .... well it makes me feel good !
Anyway on to the subject at hand - nail polish....
Today I received my ebay bargains in the post - I purchased five out of the 36 available Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polishes:-

340 - Black Platinum, 370 - Commander In Chic, 450 - Fairy Teal, 250 - Mudslide & 510 - I Pink I Can

Black Platinum - 3 coats

Commander In Chic - 2 coats

Fairy Teal - 2 coats

Mudslide - 2 coats

I Pink I Can - 2 coats

My favourites out of the five are the Black Platinum and Mudslide which is a gourgous toffee nudey colour and the Commander In Chic - Chanel Particuliere anyone ? x

I stumbled upon these nail polishes accidently after watching a you tube blog recommending the Sally Hansen Insta Dri polishes and thought Id give these a go as the website claims they are a base coat, top coat, strengthening and growth treatment and salon-inspired colour all in one!
I have to say Im gobsmacked at how well these nail polishes glide on - they have a wide, flat brush which helps you apply the polish easily - and to be honest cutting out the time it takes to apply a base coat and a top coat are you not out buying them already ??

The consistency of the polish itself is quite thin however not so thin that it is runny or difficult to apply and Im really impressed with the pigment in the five colours which I purchased, my only criticism ? Some colours - the more pearlised ones like the Black Platinum  -  may need three coats instead of two.
The fact you dont need to use base coat and top coat cuts your painting time down - I even managed to paint both hands with two coats in just over five minutes !
As easy as they are to apply then are even easier to get off - how many times have I found myself using ten bits of cotton wool and a whole bottle of nail polish remover to get the polish of one hand ! Well Ive lost count to be honest but even the black polish came off easily which I was really surprised about.
Drying time is a few minutes and my polish lasted a few days before starting to chip - the website claims your manicure will last up to ten days but to be honest I dont take care of my manicures like I should so I havent managed to achieve the ten days yet - I will be putting this to the test over the next few months however.
Overall I am really impressed with the Sally Hansen Complete Manicure polishes - they are every thing they claim to be and a little more x

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