Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Back with Shellac Cake Pop

Hey there everyone

I'm back.
Yes I've been out of blogging action for a while, I've been so busy and had quite a few personal problems to sort out that my little blog has had to take a back seat for a bit, but I cant tell you how good it feels to be writing a little blog post for you this evening.

Today I'm wearing Shellac Cake Pop which is a gorgeous baby pink colour - Im thinking very reminiscent of Kim Kardashian's nails. Anyway I'm breaking myself in gently this evening with a nice short blog post, also thought it was a great opportunity to show off my new ring from Ashiana Jewellery, Im a massive fan of Ashiana, they do beautiful unusual jewellery at excellent prices so if you are a jewellery lover like myself check out their website - they even have a sale on at the moment.

I hope you are all doing well and I look forward to updating you with my beauty musings on a more regular basis.

Lots of Love
Lipstick Fridays


  1. such a pretty colour!!

    Don't forget to check out my blog


    1. Isnt it gorgeous xxx Totally love it and didnt think I would xx

  2. Replies
    1. Such a pretty pink isnt it :) Ive completely fallen in love with it - think it would look great with a tan xxx

  3. What a beautiful mani! <3 Love the color x

    1. Awh thanks hon xx isnt it fab xx not usually a fan of these types of colours but I think this one has converted me xx

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