Friday, 25 November 2011

Jigsaw Shoe Boots

So this is primarily a blog about make up and beauty stuff  but I thought hey what the heck - my Jigsaw shoe boots arrived a couple of days ago and I felt the need to share them with someone, my husband really doesnt appreciate what a good shoe can do for a girl.
Anyway these were £79 reduced from £149 I think - yes it is still expensive but to be honest I dont buy clothes and shoes all that often so they were a treat !
They are sky scraper high but oh they are so pretty xx

With Love
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  1. these boots are amazing! would love to see them on you. these are gorgeous boots. enjoyed browsing your blog--i'm a huge fan. :) following, and hoping to stay connected. cheers, and all the best on your blog! have a great wknd!

    1. Thank you xx
      They are gorgeous xx May start doing an oftd post soon so will make sure to pop up a picture of the boots xx