Friday, 20 April 2012

Lipstick Fridays Chantecaille Angelica

Today Im wearing a brand new lipstick in my collection - Chantecaille's Angelica.
This is the first time I have ever purchased anything from Chantecaille and I have to admit that I was tempted by this because it was in the Space NK sale for the bargain price of £10 !!

Angelica looks like a deep rosey/brown colour in the tube and swatched on the hand.


 I was amazed by the texture and pigmentation of this lipstick its extremely creamy and moist and has a lovely colour and shine to it when its applied to the lips. These lipsticks contain a special amino acid emollient which creates a film that is impervious to water and oil and, although it didn't survive my morning cuppa, I did still feel that there was something on my lips helping keep them smooth and moisturised. Angelica is not highly perfumed and is enriched with vitamins A and C plus has the added bonus of an spf of 6-8 to give your lips extra protection when you need it.
This colour is sold out on the Space NK website at the moment but there are still a few other bargains left in the sale if you want to check it out.
Has anyone else tried Chantecaille lipsticks ?
Whats your favourite colour?

Lots of Love
Lipstick Fridays


  1. It's a lovely colour, it looks strangely moisturising too haha

    Love, Elizabeth xx

    1. it does doesnt it !! ha ha xxx Its gorgeous on will definately be looking at some more xxx

  2. i love this color, excellent bargain :)