Saturday, 15 December 2012

Ciate Headliner

Good morning everyone
Happy Saturday to you all.
Well its day 15 and disaster struck when I was painting my nails !! Yes I smudged !! Nothing too drastic but it means a bit of a tidy up which didnt take place before I took my pics today - yes ladies Im in a hurry so its just a quick post this morning to show you todays colour which is Headliner a gorgeous Turquoise shade which I think is pretty unusual looking and not really like anything else in my collection. My apologies for the shoddy paint work !!  I almost didnt get this post up today as Im literally rushing out the door but Im determined to keep my posts up to date !! Have a good day everyone.
Ciate Headliner can be purchased from Ciate for £9.
Lots of Love
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