Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nanoblur Review

Hi everyone

Im sure you've all been hearing about a new wonder cream which has recently been released in the UK called Nanoblur. This cruelty free cream promises that you will "Look up to ten years younger in forty seconds or less". Thats quite a promise and when this popped up on Buyapowa a few weeks ago I thought I would give it a try even though I was a little sceptical about the results.

Nanoblur is not make up, it is made using advanced optics technology and provides "Superficial optical coverage of skin imperfections". I bought this cream to try to see if it would help the little lines which have been appearing around my eye area seemingly on a daily basis - why is it as soon as you notice a wrinkle it seems to all of a sudden get bigger overnight ?!

Nanoblur is an untinted skin cream which is not at all what I was expecting. I expected it to be more like a BB cream - which of course it's not ! Nanoblur can be used without makeup or after your liquid foundation and it helps to smooth away those imperfections. 

I have to say that I am actually astounded by the results. When you apply the cream it has a nice cooling effect on the skin and will remain there until you remove your makeup at the end of the day.
I dont find it to be drying on my face but I do have combination skin.
Nanoblur really does work - now it wont give you a face lift and make your wrinkles disappear for good but it really does help make those little lines look less visible. I find the effects quite subtle but it has definately made my eye area look alot smoother and younger - hooray !



Nanoblur can be purchased from Boots online for £19.99 or you check out Buyapowa they will send a reminder to your email when this is back on sale. 
What do you guys think ?
Have you tried this yet ?

Lots of Love
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  1. lovely product .

  2. wow, thank you so much for sharing the review!! It's nice to learn about great product out there - thanks for letting us know;-))

  3. Hi Yes I have , was not bad to star with but has this matt whitish finish that makes your skin look very dry, Also after wearing all day it just gets in to your wrinkles and makes it look worse. Don't think this products anything special comparing with a primer. Primer does a same job.

    1. It does have a matte finish but then I have oily/combination skin so thats probably why I found that it worked so well for me xx

  4. I heard you should wear it over liquid foundation. but i wear both liquid and a powder to finish. will it still work with my powder foundation too???

    1. Hi

      You can wear it over your liquid foundation then you would apply your powder but if you are using it with a powder foundation you should apply it first xxx

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