Friday, 2 March 2012

Lipstick Fridays

Today Im wearing another lipstick which I have owned for a while - when I first bought it I wore it silly then after a while it got dismissed to the back of the make up drawer ! Im so glad Im doing Lipstick Fridays because I had completely forgotten how much I love this lipstick. So todays lipstick is the beautiful Bobbi Brown Lip Sheer in Ruby. This is a fantastic sheer red lipstick and I think this looks perfect for during the day if you want a more gentle shade of red, I think this would also look fantastic on paler skins. Its a sheer lipstick so yes it wears off more quickly than a matte but its definately one to go for if you want a more natural pop of colour.

Now for the really annoying bit !!
Today Ive rediscovered my perfect red lipstick - I was looking for the link to show you where you could purchase this gorgeous colour and Ive found out that its been discontinued !! Aaargh !! I have spoken to my local Bobbi Brown counter and they have assured me that there are other colours in the range which are similar to this, so all is not lost !! I will keep you updated as to whether I find a dupe for this but in the mean time if any of you know of a dupe for this lipstick I would be eternally grateful xxx

Lots of Love
Lipstick Fridays


  1. ooo very pretty! :-)

    Don't forget to check me out

  2. How ironic. One of my closet friends is out searching for her perfect red!

    1. Mad xx Im gutted this has been discontinued x

  3. Love a good red lipstick! I have liked your Facebook page! xxx