Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Ciate Cabaret

Hi everyone
Day five of my Ciate calendar and today we have the beautiful Cabaret - a gorgeous deep purple colour. I find this quite an unusual purple in the sense that all of my other purple polishes seem to have an element of shimmer or a metallic look to them however this is a matte purple. Its also alot deeper than shown in the pictures but since we seem to be losing any sort of decent daylight these days I need to use the flash on my camera. Cabaret has an excellent consistency and is easy to apply and quick to dry, this is two coats but I do think it would have looked better with another coat, although Im so impressed with the dry time of these colours Ive got my eye on the Ciate quick dry top coat.  Oh and before I forget I also love the little message behind door number five. Its a famous quote by Coco Chanel - " A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous"
I quite agree !!
Lots of Love
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  1. Oh what a neat idea - a nailpolish advent calendar and even better because I love Ciate polishes! I'll have to add this to my wishlist for next year!

    The cabaret polish you got today is a lovely colour! :-)


    1. Isn't it great x x x I'm sooooo in love with this right now x x x

  2. I love the colour too. Ciate have not got it wrong so far. Have never ttied ciate either so this is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the brans. This is on next years wish list for sure.

    1. Totally x x x these are a great at to get to know ciate x x x

  3. Oooo well that shade is very pretty :)