Friday, 21 December 2012

Ciate Fade To Greige

Continuing with my "Ciate a day" pledge, todays colour is Fade To Greige, a grey polish with a hint of violet. This is a great neutral colour which would go with any outfit over the festive season. Ciate polish is quick to dry which means you can paint your nails in a hurry without having to wait twenty minutes for them to be touch dry !! You will also achieve great results with this polish because it has such a  great consistency which makes it easy to paint with, it has great pigmentation which means no streaks or uneven colour and because it dries so quickly you will have gorgeous, glossy smudge free nails.  This is Fade To Greige with two coats, it is a permanent polish in Ciates collection so you will be able to purchase this from Ciate for £9.
Lots of Love
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