Thursday, 6 December 2012

Ciate Angel Wings

Good morning everyone
Hope you are all having a good week.
So its day six of the Ciate Mani Month Calendar and todays colour is Angel Wings, for a brief moment I felt a pang of disappointment when I opened todays door but I mean brief ! I thought Angel Wings was going to be another Halo - very pretty but very sheer -  how wrong was I ?! Angel Wings is a gorgeous, elegant pearly white polish with a hint of shimmer to it. It has a great consistency, is easy to apply and quick to dry. This is my nails with two coats of Angel Wings although when seeing it photographed it still looks quite sheer at two coats. The only downside to this polish is that it will pretty much show up any imperfections on your nails which you will usually tend to find with metallic polishes, a quick buff and some ridge filling base coat will solve that problem.
Ciate Angel Wings can be purchased from Ciate for £9 for the standard full size bottle.
Lots of Love
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  1. Looks really sheer. Could of done with another coat maybe? You could add a bit of silver glitter polish to the top to wow it up a bit.

    1. I completely agree x x will be giving it another coat next time x x x

  2. I like this

  3. This one reminds me of Chanel Attraction !