Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Ciate Candy Shop Caviar Pearls

Hi everyone

Todays little surprise are Ciate's Caviar pearls in Candy Shop. My husband made me laugh because he asked what are all those little balls lying about on your dressing table ? Id had a little accident with the bottle !  I told him they are caviar pearls for your nails, he replied I dont understand why you would want to stick little balls all over your nails. Thats a good question which to be honest I couldnt really answer, em its in fashion I replied but honestly I dont really want to stick little balls all over my nails so there you go, the lengths us woman will go to.  I still aint feeling the love for the caviar mani, it seems to be a really popular craze, and I have to think, will we one day laugh at how we used to stick little balls to our nails in the olden days ha ha - does anyone have any solutions as to how to a caviar mani so it doesnt annoy the heck out of you???
Please share.
Lots of Love
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