Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Clarins Gloss Prodige Grenadine

With the arrival of the colder weather its always tempting to reach for darker, richer colours of lipstick and gloss, however Ive been feeling a bit down in the dumps and wanted something which would help perk up my mood and bring back that summer feeling., so today I reached for my Clarins Gloss Prodige in Grenadine. This was one of my favourite glosses of the summer and Im bringing it back in protest of the cold weather ha ha.
Gloss Prodige lip glosses promises "intense colour and mirror like shine" and I can safely say it ticks those boxes. It feels nice and light when applied and has a lovely fruity scent. Grenadine is a strawberry pink gloss with gold micro-particles and has an amazing formulation which isnt at all sticky. I wouldn't describe it as particularly long lasting but then what gloss is, it did however last through my morning cuppa and it has such a nice smell and consistency I dont really mind applying it regularly.
If you would like to check this out Clarins Gloss Prodige can be purchased from for the special price of £12.40, I think Ive got my eye on the blackberry next which looks gorgeous, rich and decadent - the perfect colour for the Autumn.

Lots of Love
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  1. Oooo what a gorgeous color!!

  2. oh this is pretty!! I am a fan of clarins products in general :)

  3. Clarins lip products are really good and smell nice. Love this colour! xx

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  4. I like this !!
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  5. I just got Raspberry Gloss Prodige today, and true addict that I pathetically am, I'm already thinking in terms of my next "fix."
    Grenadine is calling my naaaaaame!