Sunday, 26 August 2012

The Weekend Post - Manicure Kit

This week I wanted to show you some must have manicure items that are worth investing in. I havent included the links for these items as you can find most of the items you will need in your local chemist or supermarket or even Boots or Superdrug. You dont need to spend a huge amount of money or buy the brands that I have shown, feel free to use cheaper alternatives but there are a few essential items which can go a long way to giving you gorgeous, healthy nails.
 I would also like to add that its a good idea to use a hand cream with SPF in it everyday which also helps to nourish your nails and cuticles.
Bourjois Magic Nail Remover 
I bought this the other day and absolutely love it. Yes it does take more than a second to remove your polish - it takes a couple - but this leaves your hands and nails smelling sweet and moisturised and not at all dry like some other polish removers.
Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment or any other cuticle remover
Definitely worth having this in your kit to help with over grown cuticles. If you dont push your cuticles back you can get ingrown nails or even worse - hang nails which can be pretty painful. It should only take you a few minutes but always remember to remove this after you use it because most cuticle removers containt Potassium Hydroxide or  Sodium Hydroxide which are both very alkaline (high ph) and caustic.  This is to help break down the dead ski and if left on it can cause irritation and dryness.
Leighton Denny Glass File or any other glass file
Crystal files are gentle on your nails and you can file back and forth which you shouldnt do with normal emery boards unless they have a very, very fine grit. Crystal Files have a special surface which helps seal the end of your nails and helps prevent peeling and chipping. NEVER, EVER use a metal emery board to file your nails, it will damage and weaken them!! Also I never cut my own or any of my clients finger nails as this can also weaken them and make them prone to breaking.
Cuticle Tools
You will need cuticle nippers, an orange wood stick, a cutistone and a hoof stick.
NEVER, EVER cut your cuticles unless you know which part you should be cutting ! Only use your nippers to trim off any excess skin. You can use your orange wood stick to clean round the nails when your painting - the pointed end is a little saviour for slips with polish. I love a cuti stone think of it as a little pumice stone for your nails - use it gently and in circular motions to get rid of dead skin and dead cells which accumulate or your nail plate. Use your hoof stick in circular motions after applying cuticle remover to push back the cuticles. You can also use this to clean gently under your nails.
Nail Brush
To keep your nails clean
Any Nail Buffer
Buffers are fab - they help to bring a beautiful shine to your nails but they also help to stimulate blood circulation which helps you to grow gorgeous, long, healthy nails. Just make sure you arent over using the refining side which helps smooth out ridges and imperfections.
Cuticle oil or Cuticle Conditioner
My most favourite cuticle treatments are Creative Nail Designs Solar Oil or Qtica's Cuticle Balm. Both are really rich treatments which should be used every evening - I tend to stick with evening as they can make your hands quite sticky and slippy, cuticle conditioners help to nourish your cuticles and nourished, well moisturised cuticles should never need trimmed with cuticle nippers they will only ever need to be gently pushed back with your cuti stone or cuticle stick. If you prefer to use something in the morning as well I tend to stick my current hand cream on and massage well into the cuticle area.
These are a few little saviours that every girl should keep in her manicure kit. You dont need to spend alot of money to have shiny, healthy nails and these items will help to get your nails in to tip top condition.
Lots of Love
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  2. Ah i love a weekend manicure and the Bourjois nail polish remover is a must have! Love the look of that Solar Oil. I currently use a Sally Hansen balm which does wonders but I am really into oils at the moment.


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    1. Isnt it fab xx the solar oil is amazing - also helps fade scars !! That balm sounds lovely too though xx

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