Friday, 24 August 2012

Dior Incognito

Hey girlies

Hope you are all well.

So todays polish is one which I have been hoarding for a couple of months, god knows why because I think it may be the most perfect understated nude nail polish I have ever laid my eyes on, and believe me Ive seen a few !

Let me introduce you to Dior Incognito....

Incognito is a nude pinky cream with a hint of grey which is semi-sheer when applied and looks very similar to Chanel Rose Cache. The gorgeous Dior Incognito has a wonderful formulation which is long-lasting and quick to dry and gives you a beautiful shiny finish. I applied two coats but if you wanted more coverage you could apply three.

The wider brush makes it easier to apply for us girlies with bigger nail plates and I feel that this colour would complement any skin tone.

Dior Incognito can be purchased from for £17.15.
Im in love !!
Have you tried this yet?

Lots of Love
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  1. It looks like I'm writing a bit to late ;) Gorgeous! I've just discovered it. I'd love to buy this one one day, but the price is just too high to justify it for now. I'd love to know in what way it differs from OPI Dulce de leche. I guess the latter may be a bit warmer and intense in color, but i'm not sure.