Friday, 24 August 2012

Essie - Damsel In A Dress

Hey Lovelies
I was loving my nude nails today but I thought, to hell with it Im going to have a change since Im heading into town tonight with friends - Im wearing Essie's Damsel In A Dress. This is a really unusual, deep, sexy looking irridescent purple . Just gorgeous - I love it. The formulation is great and really quick to dry but it does have the old brush which makes it a little harder to paint with although that being said I have found that the darker Essie colours with the old brush are quite ok to paint with, it seems to be the paler colours which pose a problem. Try to make sure you dont flood the brush, make contact with the nail around your half moon area and push the brush down towards your cuticle leaving a hair line gap of about 1mm, pull the brush back up towards your free edge.  This should give you a nice line of polish straight down the nail, then dip your brush back in your polish (clean it off slightly) and sweep up either side . I try to think of my nail in three sections and try to paint it in three strokes this helps to minimise that streaky look you get when applying certain polish.
Have a great weekend everyone.

Lots of Love
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  1. i've been searching for a nice new purple nail polish, i think i'll look for this one

    1. Its fab isnt it xx so gorgeous and luxurious looking xx