Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Naked Nails

Well almost !!
I nipped into Boots yesterday to grab a spot of lunch and noticed that Bourjois have two for £8 on selected cosmetics.
This gave me the perfect opportunity to grab their new Magic Nail Polish Remover and a gorgeous nude pink ten day nail polish - shade no 13. Bourjois is a brand I never really reach for that much but after trying out my newly purchased items I will definitely be heading back to grab a couple more of the nail polishes in brighter colours.
The formulation of the nail polish is fab and I love the angled brush - I found it so easy to paint with and the polish was dry in a matter of minutes. Its basically the kind of polish you can just chuck on when your hurrying out the door to give your nails a slightly more manicured look. I love the natural look but I always like to have something on my nails whether it be Opi's nail envy or a paler polish - I think it just makes me feel like Ive made a bit more of an effort.
Im also loving the magic nail polish remover - although I would say it takes a bit longer than a second to remove your polish and I would say it would take a few seconds longer if it was a darker polish. That being said though it would be perfect for travelling and certainly alot more cleaner than nail polish remover and cotton wool.  A quick point about the ten day polish - it says it lasts ten days with touch ups so dont be fooled into thinking your going to have perfectly manicured paws for ten days.

Both of these products are on special offer - 2 for £8 from Boots.
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  1. I really want to try the nail polish remover, least it not being messy is a start as I always manage to put too much on a cotton bud!