Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nail Care - Nail Ridges

Hi everyone
Welcome to my first ever Nail Care Clinic.
Todays subject is nail ridges - What causes them and how to get rid of them.
Please feel free to suggest a subject for next weeks nail clinic and if you have any nail problems please post them in the comments section and I will do my best to try and help you resolve them.
Nail ridges can occur vertically or horizontally on your nails and produce an uneven surface meaning you will find it difficult to get smooth and even results after applying nail polish or nail wraps, ridges can even cause your nail polish or gel nail treatments to chip prematurely,  but what are the main causes of nail ridges and what can you do to improve them ??
Eczema, dermatitis and dehydration can all cause vertical ridges on your nails along with vitamin deficiency(have you changed your diet recently?)  and ageing.  Horizontal ridges can SOMETIMES (Dont panic) be caused by underlying health problems so a visit to your GP is often recommended to make sure that there are no other causes.
 So what can you do to get rid of these pesky ridges ??
First of all DO NOT over buff your nails - contrary to popular belief you cannot buff ridges out of your nails and you could cause damage to your nail bed. Regular care and attention is essential and light buffing to stimulate the blood flow is recommended as well as gently massaging a cuticile oil or cuticle balm into your nails and cuticles morning and night, by making sure your hands and nails are well moisturised this will help you win your battle against those nasty nail ridges. Another key element is to make sure your diet is rich in vitamins and minerals and you are consuming atleast two litres of water a day to keep your moisture levels up. 
Your ridge fighting kit - a cuticle oil or balm, a ridge filling base coat, a cuticle exfoliator and a gentle buffer.
Please feel free to leave me your questions and comments.
Thank you  


  1. I get this sometimes, and other times I don't have it at all. I never actually knew it was a problem! Great post :) x

    1. Its not a huge problem but it can stop you from achieving a great finish with your nail enhancements like polish etc xxx

  2. Great post :) I might have to get some ridge filler, I didn't even notice them on my nails until now! xx

    1. I always have them !! Ridge filling base coats are fab xx I even use them on my clients who dont have ridges to get a really smooth finish xxx

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  4. This is common among those who work with detergents and affected fungal infections. Thanks for your guide, that saves the day.