Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Shellac Tropix

With the arrival of the sunny weather my love for neutral nails seems to have gone out the window !
At the moment I am wearing Shellac Tropix on my finger nails & toe nails - this is gorgeous bright coral shade which is just perfect for the summer.
If you havent tried Shellac this is a fantastic power polish which dries immediately when cured under a UV lamp. Shellac will last up to two weeks so its great if you love having your nails painted but cant be bothered messing around painting your nails or waiting for your polish to dry. This is my Shellac Tropix after over one a half weeks wear - its still looking pretty good although it has grown out a bit - isnt it mad how quickly your nails seem to grow when the sun is out ??

Lots of Love
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  1. Great colour and finish!! XX

  2. Such a good colour.

  3. It's a gorgeous summery colour!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  4. Lovely colour, I've yet to try shellac. :) x

  5. Very pretty color! Hope your having a nice day :)

    xo Marie

  6. This color is perfect for summer!! =D

  7. I've ordered some of these recently following this post and love them! Practical, quality, and at a great cost. Thank you for the fab suggestion....Seeing as you are a fellow nail varnish addict, do you have any other suggestions on nail varnish storage? x x x