Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Guest Post by Rachael Sage

My name is Rachael Sage and I'm a singer-songwriter and touring artist, as well as an actress. I recently released my brand new album, "Haunted By You", and am so excited to be going on tour for most of the summer! As a performer, I love wearing bright, bold colors on stage and that carries through to my makeup...and especially to my bright red lipstick.

Before a big tour I always make sure I have makeup that will inspire me and coordinate well with my wardrobe. Right now my hair is magenta and my favorite colors are purple and blue, but my signature is always to wear a bold, red lip even if the shade varies. My current favorite is CoverGirl LipPerfection in a shade called "Tempt"; it really stays on a long time, but without drying out my lips which is important when you have as many lyrics as I do - I need my lips to always feel hydrated and smooth or you can actually get "stuck" trying to articulate your lyrics!

Recently I appeared in a multi-media show at Lincoln Center in NYC, where I not only had to perform my music, but also act. The show was about my romantic relationship to a chef, so it was part of the action for me to eat and drink during some of the scenes; I didn't want to leave lipstick-marks on my glass or on the other utensils when I ate though - because that just doesn't look very nice to an audience.

For those particular shows, I decided to try a long-lasting lip color - Wet 'N Wild Mega Last in "Red Velvet" - and I was very happy with it for performance. It did feel slightly more drying than some other regular lipsticks, but it stayed completely on my lips, where it was supposed to ...even while I was eating and drinking through a two hour play. It's great to know that if I really need a long-wearing lip color, I have one in my arsenal now - like having a second guitar or being able to do a different accent; as a performing artist and in terms of my personal style, I'm all about range, and never being afraid to change things up a little!

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